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 Lake Pleasant Sailing Club 

​​​​​​The Lake Pleasant Sailing Club welcomes sailors of all stripes! We are an active Club based on Lake Pleasant, AZ, (NW of Phoenix). The Club also hosts boating events in California, the Bahamas, on other AZ lakes, and on land. 

The Club's mission is to promote recreational and social programs, seamanship, and water safety. It encourages and establishes good will between the Club and other yacht clubs and sailing associations. Lastly, it organizes opportunities for members to take part in all forms of yachting and boating.

In September of 2017, the LPSC celebrated 40 years of sailing, education, and friendship.  You are welcome to join us for stress-free, sailing-related adventures with a great group of people! While you may not know the boat, the skipper or the crew, when you see this LPSC burgee, you have a friend; a person who loves the quiet of the lake or the roar of the ocean; someone who knows the thrill of a 30 degree heel at seven knots, or someone who is just learning the joys of sailing. Whatever the circumstances, when you see the LPSC burgee, remember ... these are fellow sailors on board. We are the adventurers who enjoy the sea, the thrills, the love of sailing and a unique friendship known to all sailors. (Upon joining as a member, you will receive your very own LPSC burgee to fly proudly!)

  • Host Boat Raft Ups

  • Mid-Week Sails

  • ​Overnight Raft-Ups

  • Out-of-Town Sailing

    • ​Catalina Island

    • Exumas, Bahamas

    • Other AZ lakes

  • Social Events

  • Sailboat Racing Events

  • Volunteer Opportunities​

    • Boys & Girls Club Sailing

    • Leukemia Cup Race

    • Carefree Highway Clean-Up

  • Sailboat Racing Events

  • Sailing/Sailboat Education Events

  • ​Monthly Membership Meetings

    • Guest Speakers

    • Awards & Presentations

  • ​LPSC Board Membership

2019 LPSC Calendar

12 - Wine & Cheese Party

     6-9 pm (Board Mtg precedes at 4:30 PM)

15 - Gen Membership Mtg (7:00 PM)

26 - Winter Cruise(11:00 am) & Dinner at Dillon's

8-10 AYC Birthday Regatta & Leukemia Cup (9:00 AM)

11 - LPSC Board Mtg

16 - Sweetheart Cruise/Race (10:00 AM)

16 - Sweetheart Raft-Up

17 - Guest Sail (10:00 AM)

19 - Gen Membership Mtg (7:00 PM)

2 - Mardi Gras Cruise (11:00 AM)

11 - LPSC Board Mtg

17 - St. Patty's Day Cruise (11:00 AM)

19 - Gen Membership Mtg (7:00 PM)

30 - Surf & Turf Cruise (Dinner @5:00 PM) Camping is from Mar 27 - Apr 1


8 - LPSC Board Mtg

16 - Gen Membership Mtg (7:00 PM)

25 - Spring Fling at Roosevelt Lake (9:00 AM)


6 - LPSC Board Mtg

13 - Overnight Raft-Up (4:00 PM)
15 - Gen Membership Mtg (7:00 PM)

18 - Pre-Summer Splash (1:00 PM)


8 - Early Bird Breakfast & Sail (7:00 AM)

10 - LPSC Board Mtg

18 - Gen Membership Mtg (7:00 PM)


4 - July 4th San Diego Weekend Sail (9:00 AM @ Harbor Island, San Diego)